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oyster_shells's Journal

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(If you have ever quit an imaginary job over an imaginary paycut,

mistakenly taken your house's thermostat for a dial
with which to focus the windows,

writen a play about the special relationship that blooms
when a withdrawn honors student is assigned to tutor
the school's basketball star,

fallen in love with the woman who plays the part
of your character's wife and bears you a child
that can communicate with rust,

been deafened by the panopoly of voices in the classifieds,

...or know a place where you can get married at midnight,

then you know what I'm talking about)


My name is Brandon and I do various things in various capacities. Most of these things revolve around music, writing, art, and plot-hatching. Some of these things I will talk about here. Others (such as eating watermelon on the beach) will not be disscussed herein. Hello.

here are some things:
american aquarium drinkers, american magic/dread, arthur russell, baudrillard's disneyland, bikes in berlin, drone, fc barca, franny glass, hemingway, imhappyandsingingonetwothreeandfour, jacques marie emile lacan, leandro barbosa, long distance running, mucho "macho" maas, my dream pushing air, saying your names, shuttlecocks, silver fox & friends, squirls of praha, the absence of field, the beautiful game, the varieties of erasure, threats instead of trees, tripping the light fantastic, what a lark, wittgenstien, your love for yoghurt, zizek